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Ready for the end of the world? No, it's...

September 11, 2006

Ready for the end of the world? No, it's not nukes. Nope, it's not global warming either. Mankind's ultimate demise might come in the form of "negative strangelets". It sounds bizarre and incomprehensible but it relates to some over-funded French scientists messing with things that are better left undiscovered. CERN (Centre Europeen pour la Recherche Nuclaire) is about to fire up their new Large Hadron Collider and some people are concerned that it might possibly cause the instantaneous consumption of Earth and a large chunk of our surrounding universe.

MGM may be a failing studio these days that can't seem to find a swimmer among it's many sinkers, but the studio may have a few tricks left. MGM has "The Hobbit" listed as one of their planned 150-200 million dollar films for the future and have hopes of signing Peter Jackson to direct. They hope that the prequel to the successful Lord of the Rings Trilogy could be enough to pull themselves back up.

Fresh farm eggs, fishing bait, beer, rhinoceros beetles, and schoolgirl undergarments. How are these seemingly random items related? Well if you live in Japan, then all of these items and more are conveniently available through easily accessible vending machines. The Japanese sure know how to live in luxury.

A blank sheet of paper can be a powerful thing. It can seem daunting and demanding, an empty canvas with which many things are possible. What if you went beyond flat thinking? Take that same paper and bring to life something with real volume to it? These paper cut sculptures are a thing of beauty, and for you gamers out there here's some nostalgia in origami form.

With gorgeous special effects and its...

September 7, 2006

With gorgeous special effects and its unique brand of action-packed platform shooter gameplay, wpnFire has earned a spot in our library of featured games.

[Play wpnFire Now!]

*Tip: You may want to adjust the configuration for optimal performance; Turning 'FPS stability' OFF will greatly improve the experience for some players. The configuration menu is accessible either at the title screen or in-game by pressing 'p'.

2 additional game servers for Stick...

September 1, 2006

2 additional game servers for Stick Arena went live today in response to the continued influx of players. The all-new 'U of SA' and 'Sticktopia' bring the total number of dedicated boxes to 6, expanding the Stick Arena universe and improving the experience for players.

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We've released a free distribution...

August 17, 2006

We've released a free distribution version of Stick Arena!

If you have a website, portal, or homepage, you can host this version of Stick Arena free. Click here to download the files and get started.

Additionally, if you haven't checked out turn-based strategy game Tactics Arena Online recently, you might be surprised to learn that the game has expanded to include 19 unit types and 3 unique races. Aside from monthly account wipes, Tactics Arena is free to play.

We've featured the highly-polished...

July 27, 2006

We've featured the highly-polished S.M.A.R.T., set in the year 2040 on the red planet. Robotic spaceships have been corrupted by a virus and are attacking important outposts and abducting the primal colonists; You must defend the colonists from these automated abominations!

[Play S.M.A.R.T. Now!]

Our multi-user Graffiti wall also received an update today. Among the enhancements are a unique appearance for each wall, 4 new paint colors, and several user interface improvements and speed optimizations.

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Thank-you to Mike Sena for the assistance!

We've added the Retro-themed,...

July 12, 2006

We've added the Retro-themed, Robotron-inspired Gamma Bros. to our featured games section.

Blast aliens! Obliterate robots! Disintigrate pesky asteroids!

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Addicted to Puzzle Games? ...

June 28, 2006

Addicted to Puzzle Games?

We've added intense frontal-lobe stimulation to our featured games section with 3D Logic.

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Motherload ascended to the number 6 position on following recent launch of the new 'MTV Arcade'. promoted the title with the tagline 'Getting Diggy With It.'

The adrenaline-charged, award-winning ...

June 19, 2006

The adrenaline-charged, award-winning Heli Attack 3 has been added to our 'Featured Games' section. With 16 levels of gameplay, 32 weapons and an original music score, you might want to cancel your lunch plans.

[Play Heli Attack 3 Now!]

Motherload received an update today. Adopting Flash player detection functionality developed for Stick Arena, Motherload now utilizes the enhanced performance of Flash Player 8. The update also addresses a number of usability issues and minor glitches.

XGen has just returned from our very...

May 22, 2006

XGen has just returned from our very first E3 experience. The team spent the last week in the sprawling city of Los Angeles in order to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo along with 60,000 other industry professionals.

Several large announcements were made at the conference. The PlayStation 3 controller will feature a motion sensing gizmo similar to Nintendo's Wii controller. Microsoft made good on their promise of holding Halo 3 back until the launch of the PS3 to cut the legs out from under Sony, the new trailer was being shown on dozens of screens all over Microsoft's booths. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was announced for the Wii and was accompanied by a trailer that left us salivating.

It is clear, however, that Nintendo is shifting focus to a wider market. They are ignoring complaints from the hardcore gamer segment, decidely targetting non-gamers with their new system. (Wii; Even the new name for the system is generally repulsive to the average gamer.)

Motherload Used as a Tool for Brain...

April 11, 2006

Motherload Used as a Tool for Brain Rehabilitation

In October of 2005, XGen Studios received an E-mail from a forty-five year old woman in California who was using Motherload as a tool for brain rehabilitation. Mrs. M.V.B.*, a former Fortune 500 Executive before being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, had been using computer games to assist in her recovery...

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