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Hey there gang, my name is Neil and I...

March 2, 2004

Hey there gang, my name is Neil and I have a very important, special, unique, special connection to XGenStudios. That's right, I am Skye's very own roommate and for the next little while I will be writing little posts about just what goes on in the day to day lives of those of us fortunate enough to actually be living in this wicked rad jam station, known to many of you as XGenStudios. Now I know what you all must be saying to yourselves right now "Holy sweet hippo crap, I would eat the legs off of a living rabid cheetah and make a little tent out of the bones while banging my head against the wall to the beat of some intense Hungarian heavy sex metal for the chance to even look at XGenStudios from the inside, how the heck did you score that sweet mother?". Well it was actually quite simple, all I did was adhere to the following three steps.

Step 1. Begging: The first thing I did was dress up like a little girl and sit at the front door of the house and beg like a sniveling little baby until Skye got fed up and let me enter the house.

Step 2. Cooking: Once inside I offered to make Skye a wonderful meal he simply couldn't resist. My grandmothers favorite recipe "Double Wiener Whammy" which pretty much consists of two hot-dogs, floating in a gravy of chicken soup, garnished with a single nacho and spiced with salt, pepper and a wonderful mango chutney. Sufficed to say once Skye finished this macho meal he was all tuckered out and ready for bed, which brings me to Step 3.

Step 3. Cuddling: Not everyone knows this, and I am more than definitely sure Skye doesn't want me to tell you this, but he is a sucker for a good cuddlin'. He got into his cute little pajamas adorned with little pictures of superman flying away from some sort of exploding zucchini type object and I got into my man-jamas, which pretty much consists of the deadly thick foliage that is my chest/back/thorax hair, and I cuddled that little tyke to sleep gingerly in a manly 'gorilla meet alligator' sort of way, all the while caressing his soft hair and singing tenderly the majority of Bachman Turner Overdrive's 'Four Wheel Drive' album. From there I was 'In'.

So there you have it, going by this easy to follow step-by-step program anyone can come and live at the place where it all happens, the headquarters of XGenStudios.

See you all spoon!

My first news post - woohoo! ...

February 24, 2004

My first news post - woohoo!

Did some work last night & this morning on the XGen news posting functionality (what you're looking at right now). Bugfixes mainly, but there are a couple "feature enhancements" in the works.

Greetings, food! ...

February 23, 2004

Greetings, food!

It's been a while since the last news update, so here's one for today!

Jeremy Lavine wrote a couple of Essays. Check out the literary genius! Remember kids, do not be fooled, Lightning KILLS.

A Game FAQ and Help Directory has been...

February 16, 2004

A Game FAQ and Help Directory has been created to assist you in finding the FAQ's and forums for each game.

Today's news! ...

February 13, 2004

Today's news!

So there's an election coming up, and most people know about the big names involved. But what about the write-ins and small party candidates? Today, I'd like to draw your attention to Mr. Bill Clark. I'm not American, but I'm all for the freedom of information about extraterrestrials.


Watch what you download! ...

February 12, 2004

Watch what you download!

As reported at ZDNet, and experienced by many of us, a lot of "anti-spyware" software actually contains adware of its own. so be educated, research the things you put on your hard drive, and help keep big brother one step farther from our homes!

(Soylent Green is people)

Also, it's been theorized that the ancient Incas used the Fibonacci series in a primitive calculator. Pretty advanced for a culture that didn't have the wheel.

more later,

Here's your news for the day, ladies and...

February 4, 2004

Here's your news for the day, ladies and gentlemen! While it's still not finished, Motherload is nearing completion, so keep your pants on, or better yet, take them off and wait anyways.

In science news this week, scientists create a sixth form of matter. to achieve this, They cooled potassium gas to a billionth of a degree Celsius above absolute zero or minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit -- which is the point at which matter stops moving. Here in Edmonton, I'm thinking "Jerks."

And that brings us to the weather. Looking outside, I can officially say that Hell has frozen over. Hell being this town. (It smells funny).

Also, this just in, in Entertainment News; The Madonna Gap are set to be in studio at the end of February recording their greatest hits album. Stay tuned for more info! -Dave

Welcome to version 2.0!...

January 20, 2004

Welcome to version 2.0!

The new site features an updated look, improved layout and functionality, and *THIS* area, the 'News Box'. We're hoping that it will help us to keep you, the fans, better updated on the behind scene happenings here at XGenStudios as we continue to develop Flash Games for your enjoyment.

We hope you like the new site layout, and welcome your comments, suggestions, and bug reports.

Happy Gaming!

Welcome to V2! ...

January 20, 2004

Welcome to V2!

Here is the spot where, from now on, you'll be seeing daily news, funny stuff, announcements, contests, and also, my sexy mug. Welcome to the future, Welcome, to Xgenstudios.

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