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Take five ex-Blizzard top developers and...

May 24, 2005

Take five ex-Blizzard top developers and add in a fresh new studio, a post apocalyptic London setting with a dash of First Person Shooting and one hell of a Role Playing Game? That's the recipe for Hellgate London, my most anticipated gaming title to date.

Vampire: Bloodlines gave me a taste of FPS RPG goodness, but left me craving more. Hellgate London is the answer. For all those who enjoyed a Diablo, Starcraft or Warcraft title: it was probably spearheaded by Bill Roper, David Brevik and Max and Eric Schaefer. All of whom are now leading up Flagship Studios, developer for Hellgate.

Enough background, here is some incredible eye candy sure to drop your jaw: the cinematic for the game (done by the outstanding Blur Studios) and a boatload of screenshots. Be patient with the site, it appears to be getting hit hard already.

As most of you know, the video gaming...

May 22, 2005

As most of you know, the video gaming community is in a heightened state these days. Another next generation console age has been declared, and the big dogs have spared no expense this time around.

These days, video games aren't just about entertainment...they are about immersion. A game can only truly be successful if it captivates and immerses the player, offering a full experience rather than just passing the time.

As a developer, I have always dreamed of creating a game that is as dynamic and unpredictable as life itself. A game that even the developers who have spent months creating would enjoy playing. Until I have the resources and the skill to unleash a game like this upon the masses, I can only sit back and wait until 'Bethseda Softworks' launches The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' for the PC and next generation consoles.

Oblivion is the next part in the Elder Scrolls series, and the sequel to Morrowind, one of the best RPGs ever created, in my opinion. Oblivion will improve and enhance the experience by creating an even more dynamic fantasy world, where NPCs will go about their lives, feed their dogs, practice their skills, and even show different facial expressions depending on how you interact with them. The amount of detail will be overwhelming to say the least, and the visuals are nothing short of stunning.

Morrowind kept my attention for almost 2 years with solid, non-linear gameplay, and if you're anything like me, you'll be doing yourself a favor by picking up a copy of Oblivion when it hits the shelves, reportedly, this coming holiday season.

Hey XGen Fans ...

May 18, 2005

Hey XGen Fans

Long time no see. It’s been a while since my last post... Ah, how time flies.

One of the subjects of my news post today will be the game that nearly forced me to miss my deadline, Dynasty Street. You’ll notice it just to the left in our featured games section. This is a game that truly raises the bar for stick fighting games, and gives all us developers something to strive for. Plus, it’s as addictive as cake... Really delicious cake... Or some form of muffin…. But I digress...

Definitely check it out!

Have you checked out the Nintendo Revolution yet? It appears Nintendo is learning from its mistakes, adding backwards compatibility of a grand scale (Hello, Mario 3 and Super Metroid), a DVD drive, and perhaps most importantly, wireless connectivity. That’s right, Nintendo has finally bit the bullet, and plans to offer wireless capabilities upon launch.

So, who will win between the Revolution, the PS3 and the Xbox 360? Only time will tell. Call me a hopeless fan boy, but I’ll put my money on the vastly underpowered and under supported Revolution, regardless of Nintendo’s recent less than stellar track record. They’re learning form their previous hardware foibles and it’s my hope that between that and their awesome first party games, Nintendo can gain the third party support they need to dominate this market.

In a very timely and very predictable...

May 17, 2005

In a very timely and very predictable fashion, Sony has formally announced and unveiled it's PlayStation 3 console just in time for this week's E3. They have decided to go with a very brushed metal and post modern look to the console itself, which apparently also comes in sleek black.

To the games; A plethora of PS3 games have screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Of note: Killzone 2 looks pretty, Warhawk is mind bending, and Formula 1 damn near approximates photorealism. All of these shots are using the rendering power of the PS3, no pre-rendering here. With games like Metal Gear Solid 4 coming and a new Grand Theft Auto game as a launch title, Sony already has a guaranteed winner.

With the month of May underway, I'd...

May 15, 2005

With the month of May underway, I'd like to introduce myself as the newest member to the XGen team! I'll start by providing a brief personal history for those unfamiliar with me.

My name is Hafiz, although most know me as 'Fiz'. Skye and I have been exploring game design and development together long before Flash gaming became a norm on the web, building projects primarily in QBasic and Visual Basic.

I began my foray into Flash Dev with 'Chicken Jockey' - now listed under the featured section. After this, I began upgrading 'Stick RPG' to the now popular 'Stick RPG Complete'. It was a great learning experience, and the response has been overwhelming to say the least. Thanks to everyone who has been playing the game so loyally since its release!

I'm extremely excited to be a part of the team during this crucial time. Whether you're new to XGen or have stuck by us devoutly these past few years, I have just one thing to say; Fasten your seatbelts - This is only the beginning!

This is it. The moment that I have been...

May 13, 2005

This is it. The moment that I have been waiting for since... well... the release of Episode 2. Star Wars Episode 3 Will be released to theatres on Thursday, May 19th.

Time to take a sick leave from work or school or whatever else you might be doing because Star Wars eclipses all of that. It is estimated that $628,880,000 US dollars will be lost in productivity just because of the Star Wars release. Early reviews state that this is the best Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi.

I have my tickets - see you at the theatre!

Shooter fans: the wait is over... or...

May 11, 2005

Shooter fans: the wait is over... or rather just beginning! Unreal Tournament 2007 has been officially announced and now the waiting for release begins. And oh holy sweet majamba does it ever look friggin sweet... *Ahem*.

Of course you'll need to start searching the sofa for every coin you can find just to be able to afford the ultimate gaming rig to accompany such heavenly graphics. Gamespot has a preview for your reading pleasure.

'Defend Your Castle' was featured on...

May 3, 2005

'Defend Your Castle' was featured on G4's 'Filter' yesterday. Repeats of Filter #5011 will be airing on G4 Video Game Television through May 14th - Tune in!

Click here to find out if your G4 is available in your area.

I had a chance to see the Hitchhiker's...

May 3, 2005

I had a chance to see the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie over the weekend and I've been anticipating this for quite some time as I am an an avid fan of the books. I highly recommend the whole series to anyone who hasn't read them.

The movie, though "hollywood-ized", was still quite true to the utter strangeness and quirky nature of the books that made it so endearing in the first place. If you are an ape-descendant of sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha then you owe it to yourself to go see this movie. Even the impossible to please critics gave it an above average score. Highly entertaining.

There is also talks that it just may become the first movie in a trilogy...

George Lucas has made his first...

April 28, 2005

George Lucas has made his first convention appearance in 18 years at Celebration 3 in Indianapolis. Not without reason, though, as he has made official the rumors that *two* Star Wars television series are in the works.

First: a live action series that will *probably* not feature any of the main characters from the movies, although it will be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Second: A half hour computer generated show based upon the Clone Wars cartoon series which will most likely feature more action than drama.

If you're a nerd like me (that's ok, it's cool) then this is some pretty exciting news.

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