Super Motherload the sequel to the original Motherload is now available for PC, PS3 & PS4

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XGen Studios is an independently owned and operated game developer of several award-winning titles on consoles, mobile and the web. Established in 2001 and located in Edmonton Canada, we're a team of passionate creative people, united by a desire to create the type of games we wish existed. We're excited by emerging technologies and the new experiences these make possible.

Since 2001, XGen Studios has released 10 internally-developed titles for consoles, mobiles and the web, including the #1-selling hit Defend Your Castle for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ Service and Day-1 PS4™ title Super Motherload.

XGen Studios is currently working on their next release, an episodic graphic adventure set in the world of 1970's industrial espionage titled The Low Road.

XGen Studios is established.
Skye Boyes releases a series of popular web-games into the wild. Organic studio growth follows.
XGen releases their innovative back-end service for games, powering 9 first and third-party multiplayer titles.
XGen releases their first console title, Defend Your Castle, a launch title for WiiWare in North America. Occupies the #1 chart position for 3 weeks.
XGen completes construction of their new space on 104th Street, in the heart of downtown Edmonton's warehouse district.
XGen is named one of Alberta's 25 Most Innovative Organizations by Venture Alberta.
Super Motherload launches alongside the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe, followed by release on PS3 and Steam.