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Hey XFans, I'm back with another weekly...

January 25, 2005

Hey XFans, I'm back with another weekly post.

The Interactive Entertainment Industry (games, to the lay-person) has actually surpassed the Movie Industry's total yearly gross income. Video games are becoming more and more commonplace in our growing society.

Here is just one telling example: Electronic Arts is putting serious thought into making a television series out of it's monstrous "The Sims" series of games, possibly with viewer interaction controlling the lives of the sim people. An interesting idea to say the least...

Danny here with another E-Mail to XGen! ...

January 24, 2005

Danny here with another E-Mail to XGen!

This one's from TheOneNeo17:

Are you guys going to be moving into the console gaming realm?

(With the success of games like Alien Hominid, more people are coming to respect flash as a gaming platform. Does XGen have any plans to move into the console realm in the future?)

That's a very good question. XGen has considered the move to developing for some of the bigger consoles or handheld systems. Indeed, some of the XGen games would transfer quite nicely to a system such as the Nintendo DS. Nothing will happen immediately, but we're carefully scanning for the right opportunity. Keep an eye on the main page for any kind of announcements in the future.

Hi XGen Fans! ...

January 19, 2005

Hi XGen Fans!

As some of you have figured out, I am the newest member of the team. That's right, XGen now has a sound man.

I'm really excited about working with these fine folks, as I'm sure they've got more than a couple good games left in 'em.

My latest project is finally complete. You can check it out at

Notice anything about the trailer?

Finally, if any of you guys have any questions/comments, feel free to get a hold of me at

XGenStudios proudly presents Chicken...

January 17, 2005

XGenStudios proudly presents Chicken Jockey! Bet on cockfights and races to earn money to buy your own foul. Train and breed your best stock in the challenge to dominate the underground world of chicken sports. This classic strategy game was crafted by our good friend Fiz Kassam.

Hey Guys and Gals, ...

January 14, 2005

Hey Guys and Gals,

As some of you may know, I am the team member who answers email for Each week I will be sharing one of those emails and my response.

This week’s email is from Nightmaker:

What program was used to make SRPG2?

The program that we use to make Stick RPG 2, as well as the rest of our games, is Macromedia Flash MX 2004. Flash has a unique flexibility that allows us to create exciting browser based games that download quickly and work with most hardware.

Next week, stay tuned for a Stick RPG 2 update!

As always, there's a lot happening this...

January 13, 2005

As always, there's a lot happening this week at XGen.

Improvements to the XGen Forums are being introduced constantly, including a whole bunch of new features and functionality. Some have already arrived, such as the ShoutBox and the return of XCash.

We've got plenty of great ideas in the works, in addition to some exciting new ways to spend XCash. If there's something specific you'd like to see, the best way to be heard is to head over to the forums and post it!

Hey guys! ...

January 11, 2005

Hey guys!

Great news - each XGen team member will now be making weekly posts on the main page! Being the graphics guy, I'll be talking about my interests; games, movies, and other visually stimulating media.

To kick things off: real-time computer graphics, a subject I find fascinating. With the ever-accelerating speed of computer hardware the impossible is rapidly being squashed into the mediocre. For those of you with next generation graphics cards you can experience it first hand: for ATI users and for NVidia users.

I recommend Animusic for ATI and Dawn for Nvidia. Both are also downloadable as videos for those without the hardware.

XGenStudios V2.1 is up and running! ...

January 10, 2005

XGenStudios V2.1 is up and running!

The V2.1 upgrade includes a number of visual enhancements, requested features and bug fixes.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of a new feature game - Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior.

An evolved version of the V1 X logo is now accesible via the 'Dynamic X' setting in your Options panel!


Happy New Year! ...

January 3, 2005

Happy New Year!

2005 is an exciting year for XGen Studios! We'll be releasing some highly anticipated titles this year (along with a few surprises) as well bringing you regular updates on the status of these games. was updated yesterday and will recieve bi-weekly updates from now until its release.

Happy Holidays from the entire team at...

December 25, 2004

Happy Holidays from the entire team at XGenStudios! Wherever you may be and whatever you may believe, we’d like to wish you a warm and joyous season.

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