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The response to 'Motherload: Goldium...

November 30, 2004

The response to 'Motherload: Goldium Edition' has been overwhelming!

Due to the enormous popularity, we'll be extending the discounted pre-order price until January 1st. Order yourself a copy today, or give the perfect Christmas gift!

We've heard your feedback on...

November 4, 2004

We've heard your feedback on Motherload!

In fact, we've taken the best ideas and put them in 'Motherload: Goldium Edition'. This enhanced version is available on CD December 1st and is playable offline! Goldium includes an entirely new Challenge Mode, improved performance and a whole pile of new features.

Get the details here!

Happy Halloween! ...

October 25, 2004

Happy Halloween!

A FAQ has been added for Motherload.

With the enormous popularity of...

October 13, 2004

With the enormous popularity of Motherload, things were starting to become a little sluggish at XGen as the load on our server infrastructure quickly outgrew our capacity.

Today brings a total of 3 new top-of-the-line servers into play, which should speed things up nicely for everyone. The forums also received a significant change which resulted in an immense speed increase. Additionally, those having trouble saving & loading in Motherload will be pleased to know that those problems should be history.

I'll end by echoing Skye's thanks to all of you for making Motherload and XGen Studios a roaring success.

A huge thank-you to Motherload fans! ...

October 11, 2004

A huge thank-you to Motherload fans! Motherload surpassed Defend Your Castle in popularity on Sunday, making it the most-played game on!

As a result, you may experience problems with saving and loading your Motherload game or accessing the forums as our servers struggle to keep up with demand.

Hang in there - we're doing our best to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Thank-you for your continued patience and support!

Nine months under development,...

September 29, 2004

Nine months under development, Motherload has been released!

We hope you enjoy this latest game from the team here at XGenStudios. Can you make #1 on the Highscore list?

Hop on the forums to tell us what you think, and send your bug reports to

Hey X-kids, ...

September 27, 2004

Hey X-kids,

It's getting close to election time in the US, and to help clarify the voting process, here's the platform breakdown of some Popular Villains. I hope you find it as informative as I did, and it serves as a reminder, at least, to get your information from more than one source. Especially when it comes to politics, medical advice, and best-before dates.

I bear news from Oslo, Norway! City planners have an ingenious idea to solve an age-old issue: where to run broadband lines. Unfortunately, service providers think that this idea stinks. More on this as the situation uncurls.

Ah, hot sauce. Is there any sweeter nectar? What can't it do? I mean, it even cleans pennies with little effort! I think it's high time we staged a hot sauce revolution, and overthrew the ketchup overlords that have held our fries in their thixotropic grasp for too long.

Vive la Revolution, kids,


Motherload Update - Final ...

September 7, 2004

Motherload Update - Final

Motherload has entered the beta testing phase! Thank-you to eveyone who applied - we have chosen a small group of applicants to perform testing, and will be ironing out the final bugs in the next few days. Your patience is greatly appreciated - it won't be long now! You can check out the newly opened Motherload board here on our forums.

I would like to introduce you to your future Motherload employer - Mr.Natas

The forums were moved to a new server...

September 4, 2004

The forums were moved to a new server last night. Everything seems to have gone smoothly, so forum-goers should notice a significant speed boost.

If you haven't checked out the forums before, I definitely encourage you to visit sometime. They're a great place to discuss your favorite XGen games, along with tips, strategies, and gossip about upcoming games like Motherload.

Hola Amigos and Amigas! ...

September 2, 2004

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

This is Dave, your friendly neighbourhood spider-man, or perhaps man-man, if you will. I'm just popping in to let you know that I, yes, I, am amazed with the progress being made lately. every day something new and exciting is shown to me, and every day I get more and more excited about showing Motherload to every one of our loyal X-Genners. I tell you, this game has already addicted the team members. And we're the ones who're building it!

In other, unchecked hair growth news, SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Life) announced today that it's recieved three of what they consider potential signals from places unknown (ie, aliens!)

Someone has finally created a place where you can send your little brother or sister when they embarass you on the internet! Behold, the Practice Internet, where things are explained and layed out just so.

That's the update for today, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Please return your seats to their full upright and locked position.


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