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XGen launched Fans & X-Con's today; A...

April 10, 2006

XGen launched Fans & X-Con's today; A section of the site dedicated to exceptional fan created content. Check out the first featured X-Con; 'Defend Your Castle: TI-83 Edition'. Now you can play an XGen Classic while you should be learning the intricacies of calculus!

Warcraft fans (and RPG aficionados alike) will enjoy our newest featured game, Murloc RPG, which received a recent mention on G4's 'Attack of the Show'. Murloc RPG is has a simple and intuitive interface, so players with little to no RPG experience can still jump in and play.

Additionally, we've added a complete history of our Featured games and will continue to maintain a full listing so that you can enjoy these titles indefinitely. You can access all of our featured games by clicking 'More Games...' under the Featured Games category.

We've featured another instant classic...

March 31, 2006

We've featured another instant classic for your enjoyment: Hot Air !

This title features ultra-challenging gameplay and great retro-styled graphics, direct from the masterminds at Nitrome; UK-Based developer of Sandman.

Play Hot Air now!

The Game Developer's Conference in sunny...

March 25, 2006

The Game Developer's Conference in sunny (and occaisonally rainy) San Jose California is finally coming to a close. I have experienced dozens of extremely informative sessions, several large and well-produced keynote speeches, the chaotic jumble of the expo floor and the incredible and awe-inspiring finale of Video Games Live.

The sessions are the heart of the GDC. The gaming industry is an extremely close community and are alwaying willing to share their discoveries and techniques with anyone willing to sit down and listen.

The keynote speeches were memorable, I witnessed the unveiling of God of War 2 via an extremely brutal teaser video. I was also fortunate enough to recieve a free copy of Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, along with every person who attended the Nintendo keynote.

Video Games Live was the perfect way to end the week. Imagine the music of every popular video game series given a symphonic makeover with a full orchestra, along with a video and light show on the stage before you. Very compelling stuff...

We've added two top-notch time-killers...

March 18, 2006

We've added two top-notch time-killers to our featured games section!

The Lemmings inspired Sandman is all about puzzle solving elements, while the action-packed Wheels of Salvation demands acute timing and agility - Enjoy!

The XGen team will be in San Jose next week for Game Developers Conference 2006 scoping out the future of the casual game industry and networking with talent in our field; we'll keep you posted with updates throughout the conference.

Congrats Noobpwner1! ...

March 1, 2006

Congrats Noobpwner1!

You have just won yourself an Xbox 360!

And the Stick Arena Contest is over! ...

March 1, 2006

And the Stick Arena Contest is over!

For all who worked hard to get your ranks up and entered the contest, please check you email and see if you have a messae from me saying "Stick Arena Contest - YOU WON!" If you have this message please reply so we can send you your prize right away.

Once the winner of the XBox 360 has been confirmed, we will post the lucky winners name here.

I hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine's...

February 15, 2006

I hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine's Day and spent some quality time with family, or that special someone. And if you've got no special someone then here's to another year of the single life: fun and debauchery! Wewt!

Enjoy music? Who doesn't? Pandora is a nifty little web app that provides you with music based on what it thinks you might like. You tell it which songs you like and which you don't care for and it compares your choices with it's "Music Genome". Really great stuff.

Innovation comes once again from some crafty Japanese people. A true 3D display may not be far from present day with this exciting new technology. Imagine the gaming possibilities. Ever wanted to be invisible? Utilizing some tricks and some ingenuity, they've managed to make that fantasy possible. Somewhat...

Just when you thought we'd seen everything there is to see from mother nature, here comes the Assassin Spiders! A recently discovered species of spider that preys on other spiders. Am I the only one with a new phobia here?

Don't forget about the Stick Arena contest! We won't be accepting entries forever so go sign up and get your rank as high as you can get it!

The first official Stick Arena contest...

February 1, 2006

The first official Stick Arena contest has arrived! You can win an XBox 360 or great XGen Studios merchandise by playing our newest game, Stick Arena.

The entry form and complete details for the "Rock out with your Glock out" contest can be found here.

Good luck!

Motherload has won "Best Action Game...

January 23, 2006

Motherload has won "Best Action Game 2005" in the Online Game Awards! Motherload also received a nomination for the “Best Online Game” category, where it was edged out by worthy competitor 'Heli Attack 3'; Our congratulations go to Square Circle Co. for the win!

I'de also like to give a shout out to each of our fans for playing our games, spreading the word, and continuing to support XGen! Expect an update to Stick Arena in early 2006, followed by an announcement detailing the features and expected release date of the Expansion Pack and Premium service.

Apple's big announcement finally dropped...

January 11, 2006

Apple's big announcement finally dropped on us. The new MacBook Pro. It's got quintupular core-drive quontono-flux central processing units powered by Intel. Or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention. All you need to know is that it's fast. All kidding aside, this does indeed look like another very large hit for Apple.

Here's a very cool little application that allows you to easily colorize black-and-white photos. Or you could desaturate then *re*-colorize normal photos, just for fun. It doesn't take too much artistic talent and it's fun to do.

There's nothing quite so fun as in-your-garage science experiments. Here's a couple of great videos showing one man's adventures with supercooling water. Liquid to completely solid in seconds flat, very cool.

On the same science vein: Gravity is a quirky little game that pits you as an atom striving to survive in a field of gravity sources. Simple yet compelling.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, WiiWare

"You'd be insane not to give Defend Your Castle a download. Final Score: 9/10"

Defend Your Castle has been re-created from the ground up and utilizes the unique capabilities of the Wii, as well as the iPad and iPhone touch-screen