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Having played my first Breakout clone...

April 11, 2007

Having played my first Breakout clone 'Arkanoid' in DOS over a decade ago, I was eager to dismiss Smash 2 as another clone in a long lineup of sub-par rehashes of Nolan Bushnell's ingenious 1976 design. After a few play-sessions, I'm hooked; Smash 2 differentiates itself with tactile 2-dimensional mouse control, delivering immediately satisfying paddle-to-ball-to-brick interaction and catering to short attention spans with rapid progression.

[Play Smash 2 Now!]

Nikon knows about scale, they've been in...

April 10, 2007

Nikon knows about scale, they've been in the imaging and magnification business for many years. They show off their understanding of scale in this stylish demo. Relatively awesome.

The Wii is such a different and innovative console that it's lead other people down the same creative path. Some crafty individuals have recreated a Nintendo relic of the past to work with the new console; the Wii Power Glove. Now you can geek out in style. In Wii Sports Bowling, the subtlest of movements can be the different between a strike and a 7-10 split. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a robot bowl the perfect 300 game for you?

A nifty little bit of software here: this applet lets you convert images of faces to different ages or races and some other fun options like "Chimpanzee" or "Drunk". It requires that you have java installed for your browser, but it's pretty fun to play with.

Hey look, Line Rider Mario!

Yarr! Hav' ye the piratey gumption to...

March 29, 2007

Yarr! Hav' ye the piratey gumption to brave these scurvy waters?

Ahem... XGen is proud to bring you the acclaimed massively multiplayer puzzlish adventure; Puzzle Pirates! Swab the deck, hoist the mainsail and weigh anchor in this swashbuckling experience!

C404, developer of "The Classroom"...

March 20, 2007

C404, developer of "The Classroom" series of games, announced today their upcoming multiplayer game Stranded 2, built on XGen Studios' MMOcha platform.

Stranded 2 will featured multiplayer deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag modes, as well as a single player campaign. The game is scheduled for 2007 release on, and will be playable from any browser with Flash Player 8.

[View the Trailer Now!]

Under the terms of the agreement, XGen Studios will publish and distribute Stranded 2, providing the solutions required to serve the game to an audience of 3 million players per month.

MMOcha is a platform empowering developers to create multiplayer games and interactive social environments on the web. For additional information on MMOcha, and on becoming a part of XGen's developer network, please visit

Take up your bow and defend your turf....

March 15, 2007

Take up your bow and defend your turf. We've just launched Bowmaster Prelude to our roster of featured games. Go give it a shot, or two, or twenty... You'll be shooting a lot.

Carboat? Autovessel? The Roadcanoe? Whatever you call it, it's an amphibious car. That's just cool. Who wouldn't want one?

Find out your visual DNA just by picking images. This just might give you some insight into your personal psyche. Or not. Could go either way.

The XGen team has just returned from...

March 12, 2007

The XGen team has just returned from another informative and exciting trip; the Game Developers Conference '07 in San Francisco ended on Friday. This year's GDC was a good indication of how much the event has grown in the past few years, filling the gap left by E3 (May it rest in peace).

The casual games market is healthier then ever. More and more people and companies are jumping in to the mix with ideas and ambition that strengthen the whole industry, constantly raising the bar.

Nintendo remained sadly quiet for the event, likely due to the stock trade happenings you may have heard along the grape vine. They showed some new footage of Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but nothing terribly exciting.

Sony announced their XBox Live Competitor for the PS3, and it's actually quite impressive. Playstation Home is an interconnected virtual world where the user can walk a customized avatar about and interact with other users or content over the net. Download demos, watch trailers or play a couple minigames with friends. It's eerily similar to Second Life, but with the expected Sony mix of professionalism and advertisement tied in.

Today, XGen Studios launched a...

February 28, 2007

Today, XGen Studios launched a completely redesigned site, the result of nearly 6 months of careful analysis, design, and development. We hope you'll agree our new design is easier on the eyes and features many more of the conveniences you've come to expect from a casual game destination.

Stay up to date on new game releases by checking in on our front-page. A complete listing of our games is now just a click away from any page via [Play Games], located in the top menu.

Additionally, our game pages have been redesigned with high quality screen-shots for your ease of reference. We've moved the games themselves to their own window to improve your playing experience, and added a number of useful tabs below the games to allow you to quickly and easily share the fun with your friends, buddy lists, and blog/website visitors.

Best of all, we're still the premier destination for playing your favourite XGen games, as well as the finest of what outside developers have to offer.

We hope you enjoy playing the games on our new site as much as we enjoy making them!

Along with the snazzy new site design,...

February 28, 2007

Along with the snazzy new site design, we're proud to bring you another famously excellent flash game: flOw!

FlOw sets itself apart from other flash games by supreme originality and undeniable style. It established itself so well that it has inspired a PS3 recreation. Check it out if you're a fan of addictively simple gameplay and serene unique visuals.

FeedMe! Another excellent game from our...

February 28, 2007

FeedMe! Another excellent game from our friends at Nitrome, FeedMe is an instant classic with clever gameplay and great art style. Enter the exotic world of carnivorous plants; it is your mission to control this potted monstrosity and lead him to glory.

Fight off waves of zombies with uzis,...

February 13, 2007

Fight off waves of zombies with uzis, shotguns, explosive barrels, and whatever else you can find. Thankfully, your weapon skills improve with each kill; you'll need everything you've got to take on the innumerable hordes.

[Play 'Boxhead: More Rooms' Now!]

Justin Johnson recently directed our attention to a pilot episode of Adult Swim's "Tom Goes to the Mayor". This episode opens with the mayor of Jefferton playing Defend your Castle, a seemingly natural fit for the show's quirky, offbeat sense of humor.

Justin is the talent behind promotional videos for Castle, Motherload, and Stick Arena.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, WiiWare

"You'd be insane not to give Defend Your Castle a download. Final Score: 9/10"

Defend Your Castle has been re-created from the ground up and utilizes the unique capabilities of the Wii, as well as the iPad and iPhone touch-screen