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Here's the official results for the...

October 8, 2007

Here's the official results for the Pillage the Village Sandbox Contest!

DomGatto - First Place

Cornifor - Second Place

Naruchu13 - Third Place

We had a ton of great submissions from everyone, thanks for taking the time to put these together. Congratulations to the winners, keep checking your inbox on your Youtube account for the contact email -- even those with entries in the honorable mentions!

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Featuring art by Edmund McMillen of Gish...

October 2, 2007

Featuring art by Edmund McMillen of Gish fame, and Multiplayer powered by MMOcha Server, HOST is a literal 'slug' fest for up to 4 simultaneous players. Customize your own maggot-ridden

monstrosity to create a one-of-a-kind, vomit-inducing persona. Then, climb your way to the top of the food chain.

Did you remember to sign your donor card?

[Play HOST!]

Our Pillage the Village Sandbox Challenge is now closed. We received a ton of great entries; A huge thank-you to everyone who participated!

The Top 5 videos will be posted on by October 8th, 2007. Winners will be contacted through YouTube's messaging system and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is declared.

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Two new featured games for you guys...

September 18, 2007

Two new featured games for you guys today, both exploring the lighter and darker sides of city planning.

Tower Bloxx takes a cheerful view of city construction; an addictive, simple minigame wrapped in a larger macrogame, you'll need careful timing to reach for the stars with skyscrapers which stretch to the heavens. Place the buildings carefully to allow for the maximum population to inhabit your thriving metropolis.

Via Sol 2 is a trip to the dark side, requiring careful resource management to ensure that your post-apocalyptic civilization survives on a variety of harsh new planets. Be forewarned; Via Sol 2 has a steep learning curve, and meticulous play is required to survive.

As YouTube video submissions for our PTV Sandbox Contest pour in, we're keeping a watchful eye for stand-out videos; keep 'em coming!

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We're giving away a custom Nintendo Wii,...

September 10, 2007

We're giving away a custom Nintendo Wii, custom Nintendo DS, and autographed Pillage the Village concept art to three lucky winners in our "Sandbox Challenge".

What better way to thank the 706,069 Pillage the Village fans who have played in the past 3 weeks? Check out some sample footage of sandbox mayhem in this video.

Good Luck, and Good Pillaging!

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It's Out! ...

August 21, 2007

It's Out!

[Play Pillage the Village!]

Play the role of an omnipotent hand as you travel from village to village and plunder its inhabitants in this unique "Bash 'em Up". Pillage the Village features ragdoll physics, gesture recognition, and visceral, satisfying gameplay with dark and twisted humor.

Your actions have consequences; take a moral stand and fight for the pacifist way or indulge in your deep desires and walk the path of the antagonist. Either path includes a plethora of useful spells, upgrades and abilities.

XGen's largest development effort to date, Pillage the Village features unlockable content, sandbox mode, 12 spells and upgrades, and 9 unique foes. Under production for the past 11 Months, Pillage the Village was developed by an international team of 10 headquartered from XGen's new office in Edmonton, Canada.

[Play Pillage the Village!]

Pillage the Village Forums

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Indie game developers, such as...

August 9, 2007

Indie game developers, such as ourselves, are often the best source of fresh ideas into this giant smorgasbord of entertainment we call the games industry. To see the best examples of ingenious design and newfangled gameplay, check out this great list counting down the Top 50 Indie Games.

This time, hollywood has gone too far. Their quest for fresh ideas has finally lead them into the realm of desktop games. Presenting: THE MINESWEEPER!

Are you a geek? No... You don't even compare now unless you also have a periodic table of the elements tattooed on your forearm. Geeky Tattoos!

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Take a stroll down the path of strange....

July 31, 2007

Take a stroll down the path of strange. Nicholas has got a new Adventure, and it's Weird!

Play Weird Adventure 2, XGen's newest feature.

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[Watch "Pillage the Village" Trailer] ...

July 13, 2007

[Watch "Pillage the Village" Trailer]

This August, XGen Studios will launch Pillage the Village, the Prequel to our original genre-defining hit Defend your Castle. Featuring ragdoll physics, gesture recognition, and a branching spell system, Pillage the Village delivers unique and viscerally satisfying gameplay.

Prepare for ruthless pillaging and ravenous plundering as you cut a mighty swath of destruction through a peaceful world ripe for the looting. Raid, ravage, ransack, pilfer, purloin and plunder; Genghis Khan would be proud!

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Look out! It's some kind of... Avian...

July 12, 2007

Look out! It's some kind of... Avian Monstrosity! The Nuclear Eagle has landed at XGen! Try your hand at being the supreme atomic lord of the sky.

E3 is currently taking place in Santa Monica, California in it's more "industry-specific" form. Some great stuff has already hit the web; like a Killzone 2 trailer; now guaranteed to be real in-game footage, honestly... some appetizing Halo 3 Singleplayer Footage, and Video from Halo Wars; the RTS-offspring of the franchise. Mass Effect looks more incredible every time I see it.

Along with the eye candy comes the announcements: Mario Kart Wii in Q1 2008, Gears of War for PC, "Wii Fit" from Nintendo will get you in shape, and a new revision on the PSP!

Will It Blend tries to make an expensive "iPhone milkshake". Poor Apple fanboys everywhere shake their heads.

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Give Castle Wars a try, it's our newest...

July 5, 2007

Give Castle Wars a try, it's our newest featured game! This one got a little bit of a learning curve, but I'm sure you guys are up to the task.

Does Transformers have the best special effects conceived by man? Quite possibly.

The iPhone sold 700,000 units in it's opening weekend. Apple is set for global domination. Are you ready for the iArmageddon?


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