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3 New Spinners were added to Ballistick...

November 26, 2008

3 New Spinners were added to Ballistick this week, alongside the first ever player-created maps. Congratulations go to ,.syco., for his map "Pyramid", chicken for the map "Mansion", and to codyshadow for "Spacetrain" (each of these players also received an exclusive Builder Spinner to honor their contribution). You can check out the new maps by selecting the "Featured Maps" checkbox on game creation.

With so many great custom maps coming out of the woodwork, these maps won't be the last featured - will your map be next?

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The launch of Ballistick, the...

November 14, 2008

The launch of Ballistick, the much-anticipated expansion to Stick Arena, has doubled Stick Arena's player volume overnight. To keep up with demand, we've added 2 new servers, including one in Europe for players located in the Eastern Hemisphere.

This week also saw the addition of 3 new spinners, including "Biohazard", "Omega", and "The Pro" -- Our first batch of new maps is slated for next week.

Want to show off your 'leet Stick Arena stats? Add a personalized Stick Arena signature to your posts on the XGen Forums, or other boards and forums, by following the simple instructions here. Thanks to XGen community members Jonanin and Chris T (aka "Neo1211"), Your Stick Arena stats sig will always display your most recent wins, kills, k/d ratio, and other statistics.

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The long wait is over; Stick Arena...

November 4, 2008

The long wait is over; Stick Arena Ballistick has arrived!

Jump in and obliterate your opponent with a cache of 6 new Weapons ranging from the Chain Gun to the Laser Sword. Upgrade your character with customizable Spinners and Pets, create your own custom maps, earn in-game currency, and much more.

For a quick overview, check out the trailer or Play Ballistick Now

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It's time to go back to the trenches;...

October 24, 2008

It's time to go back to the trenches; it's The Great War. Command your forces to victory in Warfare 1917!

Our good buddies at Sumo have treated XGen to another of their just-too-darn-comfortable Sumo Sultan chairs! Kudos to them for providing our conference room thrones!

The Stick Arena Ballistick Beta keeps rolling on. Keep sending in those bug reports and potential features, we love reading them. If you're not already, it's not too late to get into the beta!

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Holy Sausages! Meatboy swings into...

October 20, 2008

Holy Sausages! Meatboy swings into action! Meatboy is a rare platformer, well done. Jump your fleshy body up walls, between buzz saws and through the salt factory.

Thanks for all the Stick Arena Ballistick support we've received so far, I hope everyone who's in the beta is enjoying the new features. Bug reports keep rolling in and the game grows closer to a full release every day. To see the trailer or learn about the beta (and how you can help) visit the Stick Arena Ballistick info page.

Show off how clever you are with some creative rings. Haven't you ever really want to be able to shoot somebody but don't have a gun handy? Try the ring pistol!

And let us know what you think of the Ballistick-flavored Halloween redesign!

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Stick Arena: Ballistick is now in closed...

October 1, 2008

Stick Arena: Ballistick is now in closed Beta.

View Ballistick Trailer #2 to see the full Ballistick weapon list, new maps set in space, collectible pets, dual-colored spinners, and the fully featured map editor.

You can gain immediate access to the Beta by purchasing a Lab Pass. Visit the Ballistick Beta website and login with your Stick Arena account to start playing now.

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XGen's latest feature: Momentum Missile...

September 24, 2008

XGen's latest feature: Momentum Missile Mayhem. Say that five times fast, then go play the game because this tongue-twisting physics-based defense game is actually a joy to see in motion.

Nintendo gets cheeky in this clever little ad they put together on YouTube for Wario Land: Shake It! I won't spoil it so go be entertained by this little gem of viral marketing.

Can't lift a paintbrush? Hate getting dirty with clay? Then maybe you can flex your artistic muscle in your local word processor instead.

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Just in case the last war was a little...

September 8, 2008

Just in case the last war was a little too epic, here's the counterpoint: Rapid Wars is an homage to the venerable Geometry Wars and offers some quick pick up action and a few challenging achievements.

Warning - Science Content: Wired brings you the Top 10 Amazing Physics Videos available on the net. Superconductors, Tesla Coils, Ferrous liquids and an in-garage demonstration of how to make a real-life music visualization using flaming propane! Geek fun!

Is it just me, or should someone make a video game based in the Japanese Sewers? These pictures are amazing, Gordon Freeman would feel right at home.

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It has come, there is no denying it: The...

August 29, 2008

It has come, there is no denying it: The Epic War is upon us. Quick strategy and careful planning will lead your armies to victory.

Braid was released a few weeks ago on XBox Live Arcade, and since then it has enthralled people with genuinely unique gameplay, original design and deep atmosphere. A platformer-puzzler with time-bending twists, it's incredibly fresh feeling and fun. The developers have also generously elected to provide the game's assets for anyone to play around with. Kudos, Braid, for keeping the independent games scene alive and well.

No longer do we, gamers of the world, have to suffer from maltreatment by the hands of the greedy gaming corporations. The Gamer's Bill of Rights has been drafted and holds with it supreme authority, ensuring quality and fair treatment for the gaming brethren... Not really. None of that is true. But it's interesting anyways.

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (August 1,...

August 5, 2008

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (August 1, 2008) -- Repel attacks from swarms of invaders, earn powerful spells, and gain upgrades for your arsenal with the European & Australian release of XGen Studios' hit WiiWare™ title, Defend your Castle™.

Developed by a small team with big ideas, the game invites up to 4 players to become commanders of their kingdom and fight off relentless hordes of invading enemies through a mixture of cooperative and competitive play. Immense masses of invaders employ many types of soldiers in their quest to seize your domain. Will you and your court rise to the challenge, or stand aside as they raze your castle to the ground?

Read the full press release

Platforms: PC & Mac

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