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Sagittarius: 2172 is an interesting...

February 25, 2009

Sagittarius: 2172 is an interesting blend of strategy and puzzling action. Match together minerals, space dust and precious gems - spending them to power up your starship.

Stick Arena Ballistick has received another update. Three new spinners: Da Bomb, 8-Bit and Flux have been added to the shop. Another wave of player-created maps have been added; ShadowCasterX4FFC and Yiff. get Builder Spinners for their contributions and .,CriticalX,. receives the first special gold colored Builder Spinner for getting his second map into the featured list! Congrats guys!

Don't like agreeing to so many EULAs signing away your soul these days? Why not have your pet feline take the fall for any possible misunderstanding resulting from broken EULA agreements?

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Our friends at Nitrome have come up with...

February 9, 2009

Our friends at Nitrome have come up with another cute and clever little game; Ice Breaker has you slicing the ice to save your viking compatriots from certain doomyness. Give it a go!

Now that the video game generation is maturing, we're seeing some of the classic from our youth returning with style: Artistic Masterpieces based on legendary video games and Lifehacker shows off some Killer Retro Gaming Wallpapers. Through the Night is an instant favorite.

Oh and I have to give mention to this little tribute. Thanks to AssaultRifle (Dominick Gatto), our ever-present forum fan, for performing this great little number.

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By popular demand, we now accept a wider...

February 3, 2009

By popular demand, we now accept a wider variety of payment options for Stick Arena: Ballistick, including Ultimate Game Cards, SMS, Cash, Check, Money Order, and many others.

Ultimate Game Cards are available at 7-11, as well as many Walmart, Meijer, Rite Aid, Blockbuster, and Mac’s locations. Click here for a full list of new payment options by country, or here for a list of Ultimate Game Card retailers.

Login to Stick Arena and visit the in-game Shop Tab now to purchase or renew your Lab Pass.

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SAS Zombie Assault puts you in the shoes...

January 22, 2009

SAS Zombie Assault puts you in the shoes of a stranded soldier in the middle of a particularly nasty outbreak of the living dead. Nothin' beats filling up walking corpses with streams of hot lead.

Microsoft's Songsmith has been receiving some mixed opinions. From the laughably cheesy Introduction video, and to the interesting remixes of existing songs that simply sound utterly bizarre, we can at least get some entertainment out of it.

Here's an example of the extreme fanaticism that some WiiWare DYC fans have been exhibiting; these guys have managed to legitimately play up to Level 500 in Defend Your Castle on the Wii. Glad you guys like the game, and thanks for your support!

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Two new games for you guys today, Battle...

January 5, 2009

Two new games for you guys today, Battle Gear is an excellent evolution of the destroy the enemy base by sending out waves of units pseudo-genre, while Replica is just a clever idea turned into an entertaining little gem of a game.

These guys give a new definition to extreme sports. How they are not yet horribly mangled, I'll never know...

Happy New Year! 2008 has come and gone, seemingly in a blink. And yet this year graced us with some incredible releases. What games did you guys remember most from the past 12 months? Let us know in the forums!

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Due to the overwhelming demand for XGen...

December 29, 2008

Due to the overwhelming demand for XGen branded clothing, we have created an XGen themed online clothing store!

Click the shop tab to see the nifty new Flash window or you can check out the full shop here

Log in to Stick Arena now to access all...

December 19, 2008

Log in to Stick Arena now to access all the benefits of a Lab Pass free of charge.

The Free Lab Pass Weekend ends this Sunday at midnight.

This weekend, we invite all Stick Arena...

December 17, 2008

This weekend, we invite all Stick Arena players to enjoy the benefits of a Lab Pass free of charge.

Beginning Friday afternoon, log in to your Stick Arena account (or, if you don't have one, create an account) to access all of the Lab Pass features, free. Play the 6 Lab Pass-only weapons on over a dozen new maps set in space. Plus, access the complete line of Spinners and Pets for the duration of the trial period.

Current Lab Pass holders will also receive a complimentary 3 day extension to their Passes.

The Lab Pass Free Weekend runs December 19th through December 21st.

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It is, indeed, that time of year again!...

December 14, 2008

It is, indeed, that time of year again! Christmas is less than two weeks away!

No doubt you have already noticed the Stick Arena Ballistick-themed Christmas redesign, and we've got a surprise for all Ballistick Lab Pass holders; check your spinners tab on the profile screen in the game to claim your special gift from the XGen team!

In addition, we've added three new spinners available for purchase: 'Plague', 'ROFLMAO' and 'Brain Wash'! Keep sending in those ideas for future Ballistick content.

Merry Christmas, XGen-ites!

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The Stick Arena Ballistick user-created...

December 3, 2008

The Stick Arena Ballistick user-created maps you guys are making continue to suprise us, we have another round of great maps going live into Ballistick today! 'Platforms' by Dan., 'The.Cellar' by Bloodsyn and 'Mountainv2' by Y3llowman have been added, and their authors have been awarded the special 'Builder' spinner in the game as a reward. Keep sending in those maps!

Have you got the skill to handle the Hands of War? Level up a Warrior, Wizard or Ranger, gather sweet gear and complete epic quests for the rivaling factions!

Territory War Online has recieved a significant update! Two new levels have been added, including 'The Pit' and 'Jungle' as well as a brand new weapon: The Pick Axe! Now you can quickly and readily re-shape the battlefield in your favor.

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