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Lemonade World brings back memories of...

June 5, 2009

Lemonade World brings back memories of the old tycoon games when things were as simple as plucking a lemon, grabbing some ice and selling a refreshing drink!

Andy Law brings justice to the world. Equip from a massive loadout of weapons and equipment, gear up your squad and take to the enemy with blinding speed and furious destruction!

E3 is wrapping up again this year, for an easy rundown of the biggest announcements and happening check out's E3 Top 10. Motion controls look exciting, and the new Metroid game looks very promising.

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Defend Your Castle 1.03 update is out in...

May 28, 2009

Defend Your Castle 1.03 update is out in the app store, you can now upgrade your castle towers and the pit of conversion to three levels of effectiveness. Give your archers exploding arrows or empower your mages to convert multiple units at once with the even mightier spray can!

Defend Your Castle Lite has also hit the app store, for those who want to give the game a try without forking out those precious 99 cents.

Stick Arena Ballistick has received another update today; adding in three new spinners, four new maps and the ability to rate maps after each round.

Place the traps, rig the proper triggers and wait for the sea-dogs to come a snoopin around; Pirate Defense is newly featured at XGen.

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The iPhone/iPod Touch Defend Your Castle...

May 14, 2009

The iPhone/iPod Touch Defend Your Castle 1.02 Update is out! Your superb defending abilities now earn you Achievements! With 45 different achievements to unlock, can you become the 'Magical Master' (cast 20 spells in a single round) or build a 'Monstrous Castle' (reach 100,000 max castle health)?

Watch for more new features and even more achievements coming in the next update!

The map-making pre-release contest for Stick Arena Ballistick is over! Masterchuf has used the new tileset in the coolest way with his map Orbit, earning him a gold builder spinner, his map added to the official map list and 25,000 Cred to top it off!

The new tileset is now available for everyone to create with in the Ballistick Map Editor, so grab a Lab Pass and try out your creations with your friends!

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May has been a great month for flash...

May 7, 2009

May has been a great month for flash games so far, XGen's newest featured games; Spewer - vomit your way to victory, The Arrow of Time transcends eras, Endless Zombie Rampage 2 gives us our zombie blasting fix and Crush The Castle seems familiar in a role-reversal kind of way... Hrm...

Did you play video games in the 8-bit days? Still play them today? 8BitFM has the answer to your cravings. Bring back some wicked memories of the days of yore, listening to official tracks or remixes of the old classics. 8BitFM is rockin' the XGen offices all day long.

I don't want to reveal too much about the upcoming Defend Your Castle iPhone/iPod Touch update, but I will say this: Achievements!

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Stick Arena Ballistick is getting a big...

April 30, 2009

Stick Arena Ballistick is getting a big official update; here's a sneak peek at the newest area for you to have fun fragging your friends in: The Void! We're having an invitation-only event for the release, allowing those who have proven their map-making caliber to get an early release of the new zone to make some maps for the release! Look for it in Stick Arena Ballistick in the near future!

Possess some witless lackeys and lead them to victory in the Strategy/RPG Tower Tactics Aphelion, newly featured at XGen.

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Update: Defend Your Castle on iPhone &...

April 20, 2009

Update: Defend Your Castle on iPhone & iPod Touch is currently on sale for only 99 cents! (50% off the regular price of $1.99)

After much anticipation and fanfare (ok... mostly from ourselves here at XGen), Defend Your Castle is now available worldwide on iPhone & iPod Touch at an introductory price of only $1.99! Sweet!

Thanks to all you guys who have already gone and checked out the game. For everyone else... Get it now on iTunes!

Oh and don't forget to root for us as the team suits up and heads to Vancouver this weekend for the 2009 ELAN Awards where Defend Your Castle has been nominated for Best Casual Game!

Until then, check out what's happening with DyC on the forums, and post your ideas about how to make it even better!

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Happy Easter from XGen! ...

April 10, 2009

Happy Easter from XGen!

Celebrate the occasion with the traditional act of filling bunnies with hot lead. Bunny Invasion - Easter Special has arrived!

Slash some baddies, explore some dungeons and collect the coins -- Hero's Arms promises some extensive Adventuring RPG fun.

Defend Your Castle on the iPhone and iPod Touch is close to a reality, keep an eye on XGen for word of the official release!

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We hope you enjoyed this year's April...

April 1, 2009

We hope you enjoyed this year's April Fools Shenanigans, we certainly did. Stick Arena Ballistick should be back to normal soon, so you can get back to serious fragging.

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Spate! Overflow! Stem the tide of boxes,...

March 24, 2009

Spate! Overflow! Stem the tide of boxes, push back those infernal crates! XGen's own Cody "eedok" Hollis-Perdue brings us his addicting little side-project: Spate! Try not to get addicted...

GDC 09 started yesterday, and XGen is attending again! If you're headed down to San Francisco you might be lucky enough to catch a demoing of the brand new Defend Your Castle iPhone version!

After many long years of searching, he has been found. By who else but Google; masters of the search!

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This past Thursday, at a press...

March 13, 2009

This past Thursday, at a press conference held at Radical Entertainment in Vancouver BC, Electric Playground co-host Victor Lucas announced Defend Your Castle among the list of titles Nominated for this year’s 3rd Annual Elan Awards.

Click here for the press release

The WiiWare edition of Defend Your Castle has been selected for a shot at the Best Casual / Arcade Game category in this year’s event, to be held April 25th at the Fairmont Vancouver.

A big thank-you to everyone who has supported our fledgling entry into the console space – keep your fingers crossed!

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