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Ballistick Features

Free for Everyone

The original Stick Arena, with countless new features, is free for everyone:

  • 6 Classic weapons (AK-47, Katana, Shotgun, Glock, Sledgehammer, and Baseball Bat)
  • Access to 3 new cross-tileset maps, plus all 17 original maps
  • Character Customization: 4 Dual-Color Spinners to deck out your character
  • All new 'Cred' currency system -- win cred up to 3 times per day by logging in
  • Player profile page, with new statistics
  • Enhanced performance & compatibility, slash commands, and much more
Lab Pass Features (Members Only)

The Lab Pass also gives you access to:

  • 6 Exclusive New Weapons, including the Rail Gun, Chainsaw, Laser Sword, Flamethrower, Tesla Helmet, and Chain Gun
  • 7 additional maps (set in space!)
  • 5 collectable, customizable Pets to taunt your opponent
  • All 16 dual-colored Spinners (4 free, plus 12 lab-pass only spinners)
  • Exclusive Members-Only server
  • Up to 5 Map slots to save, play, and share your custom levels with free and Lab-players
  • VIP-power, so you can challenge Free Players to games with Members-Only weapons and maps