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About XGen Studios, Inc.

XGen Studios is an award-winning developer, publisher, and technology provider for WiiWare™, PlayStation Network™, iOS™, MacOS™ Windows™ and the Web. Since its inception in 2001, XGen Studios has grown into a thriving online community with over 4.5 Million monthly players. XGen games are featured on the web's largest portals, including MiniClip, MTV, and EA's Pogo.

XGen Studios conceptualizes, develops, and delivers innovative games and experiences with mass market appeal. With an existing fan base of millions globally, XGen Studios is an established brand in the casual game space.

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Alberta Venture identified XGen Studios as one of Alberta's 25 Most Innovative Organizations in their November 2012 print and online issue.

"The company’s newest project, Super Motherload, is what XGen founder and CEO Skye Boyes calls a "couch co-op" game. Instead of playing online, four players get together in a living room to play the same game. ... It’s also reminiscent of video games in the ’80s and ’90s, when kids huddled together around a shared Atari or Sega console."

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The re-imagined release of XGen's browser-classic 'Defend your Castle' for WiiWare™ was met with critical reception when it launched alongside Nintendo's service on May 12th, 2008. IGN awarded Defend your Castle a score of 79, with Wired calling the game "Five bucks worth of awesome."

"Defend your Castle could be one of WiiWare's best party-game purchases." Nintendo Power Magazine

"For a 500 Wii Point game, you'd be insane not to give Defend Your Castle a download." Nintendo Wii Fanboy

"Defend Your Castle is a fun WiiWare game and a perfect example of what the service can bring to Wii owners." IGN

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'Super Motherload' is a 2012 Digital Alberta Awards finalist for Best in Gaming.

"Super Motherload is the 1 to 4-player couch co-op console sequel to XGen's original classic, Motherload. Super Motherload challenges players to dig deep into the substrata of Mars as they collect increasingly rare and valuable minerals. Players can purchase powerful upgrades and supplies for their mining pods as they progress through the storyline and prosper, encountering hidden dangers, quakes, and more than a few other surprises."

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'Stick RPG 2' recieved a 2011 Digi Award nomination for Best in Web-Based Gaming.

"Thrust into an unfamiliar and bizarre city, find your place amongst the strange citizens by building up strength, charm or intellect. Collect the mysterious trans-dimensional artifacts to solve the mystery of Paper Thin City!"

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'Pillage the Village' is featured in IGN's PC Games section

'Free Speech, Vol. 3: Pillagus Maximus' - Jan 7th, 2009.

"There are few games as cathartic or as easy to get into and enjoy as Pillage the Village. You take on the role of a basic mouse hand that floats above the villages of different peasants. Your goal? To destroy their houses and their lives by clicking on them and tossing them away with a deft flick of the peripheral."

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The official trailer for 'Stick Arena: Ballistick' hits the front page of GameTrailers.com on Oct 3rd, 2008.

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XGen Studios recently partnered with Oberon Media to bring 'Motherload' and 'Pillage the Village' to an expanded audience, including MySpace, EA's Pogo network, Comcast, and ICQ Games.

'Stick Arena' was awarded 2nd place in the Indie Games category at Future Play 2007.

'Motherload' was featured in the MTV Arcade section of MTV.com, where it climbed to #6 during June of 2006.

Getting diggy with it.

"WANTED: ONE MARS-BASED MINER. Must own your own digging machine. Must be willing to pay for your own gas and tolls. Plunder the martian surface, then valuables topside and collect your loot."

'Defend Your Castle' was featured on G4 Video Game TV's 'Filter' program.

Filter Episode #5011 - May 2nd, 2005, Aired Internationally

"So games aren't educational, huh? Why just this afternoon I learned all about medieval military tactics when Robyn sent in a link to XGenStudios.com and I played Defend Your Castle. Those bookworms have it all wrong, there weren't any fancy trebuchets or catapults. You just mouse over enemy soldiers and fling them at the walls. It's as simple and satisfying as squirting a whole can of Easy Cheese into your mouth. And every bit as good for you!"

'Motherload' was awarded "Best Action Game 2005" in Miniclip's Online Game Awards, where it also received a nomination in the "Best Online Game" category.

'The Independent Newspaper' - Oct. 2005, London

"Motherload... New, incredibly compelling game featured on Miniclip.com, the world's biggest online games portal. The aim is to use your digger to excavate as much ore as possible. Use the money you earn to upgrade your digger and move deeper underground to unearth the mysteries that lurk below."

'XGenStudios Interviewed by GotoAndPlay' - May 1st, 2006

"Stick Arena is a multiplayer game that brings fast paced action in the style of Quake and Unreal Tournament, to the web browser. You will guide your stick-shaped characters in many different top down environments, armed with all kind of weapons: from a Katana to an AK-47.

We have interviewed the developers at XGenStudios, asking them to share some details about their great game..."

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'Motherload' hit #3 on Shockwave.com's "Top Online Games" list during March of 2006.

Pillage the Village

'Jay is Games' Review

"XGen Studios, one of the first companies to dive into the Flash scene with gusto and not a look back. Now, years later, XGen is back with Pillage The Village, a smashmortion of click-tastic mayhem. In contrast with its predecessor, the game indicates how far browser-based games have come over the course of this decade."

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'The Independent Gaming Source' Review

"Prevent the villagers from escaping to the left and right sides of the screen by hurting them mercilessly with simple physics. In between rounds, you can buy magic spells with your dirty blood money. It's fun, it's simple, it's relatively inventive, and the game does a good job of introducing new villager types to make your life harder."

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Stick Arena

'Jay is Games' Review

"[XGen] has created another excellent Flash game, only this time it is a top-down shooter that features over-the-top multiplayer melee action in any browser. ...surprisingly action-packed, addictive and well made."

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'Game Garage' Review

"Possibly one of the greatest Flash games ever made. Play this amazing top-down multiplayer shooter with a selection of guns, swords and even a sledgehammer in a series of locations. It's completely free to play anywhere in the world..."