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XGen Studios offers a limited number of games and game demos which may be hosted without a license.

Terms and Conditions

These games and game demos may be freely copied, distributed, and hosted on your website so long as they are not modified from their original versions, and all links, advertisements, and copyright notices remain intact. This permission is granted only for these specific versions, and does not apply to other materials on XGenStudios.com or XGen Studios games hosted elsewhere. XGen Studios Inc. remains the owner of these files and all included concepts, code, art, sounds, and other assets. Decompilation of these files is strictly prohibited. All other rights are reserved.

Release Date: 02/16/2010
Download Size: 4,559 KB
Game Dimensions: 700x490

Release Date: 05/26/2008
Download Size: 6,037 KB
Game Dimensions: 700x550

Release Date: 04/30/2008
Download Size: 3,821 KB
Game Dimensions: 800x450

Release Date: 08/15/2008
Download Size: 5,092 KB
Game Dimensions: 550x400

Release Date: 08/17/2006
Download Size: 2,633 KB
Game Dimensions: 550x400

Release Date: 03/29/2005
Download Size: 3,861 KB
Game Dimensions: 550x400


  1. Click the desired game and select 'Save'
  2. Decompress the downloaded .zip file to a new directory.
  3. Upload the uncompressed files to your webhost or server.
    * Hint: You may wish to modify the included HTML file to suit your website, or embed the SWF file using your own code. It is strongly recommended that you do not change the intended dimensions of the SWF file (Dimensions for each game are listed above).