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XGen Studios Announces Nintendo Developer Status, Upcoming WiiWare Title

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (January 16, 2008) -- XGen Studios Inc., acclaimed developer of browser-based games, revealed today that it is an authorized developer for Wii™, Nintendo's home console. XGen Studios is developing an original title for Nintendo's upcoming WiiWare™ service, slated for release alongside the platform in Early 2008.

XGen's upcoming WiiWare title is inspired by an existing cult classic from the studio, and will allow up to 4 simultaneous players while leveraging the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote™. "We're thrilled to announce that the classic game play enjoyed by Millions is coming to your living room in the form of a new title with compelling additions," said Skye Boyes, president, XGen Studios, Inc. "We're taking advantage of the creative freedom afforded by WiiWare to bring fans a captivating co-op game, with great competitive elements and irresistibly charming art direction."

"We can't wait to show fans what we're building," added Jordan Dubuc, director of operations for XGen Studios. "The jump-in, jump-out casual style appeals to a broad audience for both quick and extended play sessions."

This announcement follows Nintendo's press release in June 2007 concerning the availability of the WiiWare service, allowing smaller studios and independent developers to build and distribute games on this generation's hottest console. With more than 6.3 million Wii systems sold to date in the United States, WiiWare will allow XGen to bring its deviant style and innovative ideas to a massive new audience via digital distribution.

Further details are expected soon, with the title available for purchase as soon as early 2008. For additional information about XGen Studios and other XGen titles, please visit www.XGenStudios.com.

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XGen Studios is an independent developer and publisher of online games, with an audience of over 3 million monthly players. Since 2003, XGen Studios has grown into a thriving online community, with titles featured on the web's largest game portals including EA's Pogo Network, MTV, Miniclip, and Channel4.

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